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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sugarplum and Applesauce Boutique: New Product: Binder Covers

Sugarplum and Applesauce Boutique: New Product: Binder Covers: Let me introduce you to a new product: Binder Covers. These are so much fun! And so practical! Do you love to coupon?! Keep your coup...

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Coupons, Special Offers & Promotions

Coupons, Special Offers & Promotions

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Coupon Fairy Tigress Treasures

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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Don't forget Monday we are having a photo tag Tigress Baby Fairy in this group . photos will be posted with baby coupons , u will tag it and send me a pm of you list of tags wishes. they will be set aside for you pending a sase. If you would like to donate something in return to keep our Fairies mission going it's appreciated but it won't be necessary. See you there everyone.

(87) Tigress Fairy Treasures Club

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Check out our "Baby Fairy Mission Treasures" 1st Video

Dear Baby Fairy Mission Members
This is our "First Official Baby Video " 
Just wanted to let our viewers know and understand how much impact our mission has by just a simple donation of time and coupons. 

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

C.C.R Review on GiftHulk - Earning Rewards The EZ Way

What is Gift Hulk??

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

Gift Hulk  Is an online loyalty program that rewards its users with "Hulk Points It pretty much the same as  other programs such as "Superpoints"  or "Swag Bucks "were you would get  "super points" for doing easy stuff, like watching videos and sharing opinions. Only with Hulk, you have the option for searching the web, doing a daily task and the daily poles.
Like Superpoints you can turn these points into some Big Earning Potential. Using the great referral program they offer to you once you are signed up. Cashing in Paypal and Amazon Gift cards. But !!! Unlike other point system sites -there is no limit as to how much "U" will make with your referrals ! As long as they are actively earning – you will earn too!The referral program is simple and will get you a 20% of all the Hulk coins you referral ears using any offers on the wall, tasks or surveys.  You will also get 20% of the Search&amp: Win and Treasure Box!
Moreover, every active referral that signes up is given 50 Hulk Coins to start them off and you get and additional Treasure Key that you can use to win a variety of prizes in your Treasure Box.  An example if you have 5 active members signed under you will have 10 Keys Doubling your odds.  The limits are endless, without hassle and no small letter contracts to read. It’s simple – every user that will sign up to GiftHulk using your referral link – will be listed as your referral.
Why did I sign up to GiftHulk? I have been earning Paypal and Amazon gift cards through other similar programs such as Super Points and I am always looking for more ways earn an income.  Surely, Who wouldn't want or love free money?!!!
Why not try it for yourself and do brag about all the great prizes, gift cards and terrific shopping you have done earning with Gift Hulk.  Link up today! 

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

Really it's a great place to start your earning potential!  Try it for yourself now, don't hesitate it's no gimmick or spamming program.  So What are u Waiting for Sign up and try it for yourself.   Easy Peezies......
GiftHulk - Earning Rewards The EZ Way
Psssssssssstt.. do add to our disscussion on Hulk Gifts here: C.C.R. Forum Disscussion

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet Mum'n the Oven Shelley Prince

Have you meet Mum'n the Oven  Shelley Prince ? 

If you haven't,  you may want to take a good look at what happing on her fan page on facebook.
Mum'n the Oven has loads of  photos that demondstrate her many creative tips and ideas that will gernerate the juices and grab all your interest. It sure has caused me to stop by her pages more than once a day.  Shelly Prince has so many really cool ideas for organizing and recyling products that already exsist in my home.   There are so many I did not know which one I should share here. But here are a few photos just to give you an idea of this Fantasitic Fan Page..   
This is sucha nifty idea !
 In this photo her comments were : "In my household, way too much food used to go to waste--I needed a solution!! Thats when I thought of creating a basket of items that went bad quickly or needed to be used up! Nothing EVER goes bad anymore" 
What about that huh... I think this is a perfect idea for the foods that get hidden in the back of the fridge and the ppl who never pay attention to labels for expriring dates. Not only does it cause the food to be eaten first, it helps your family from food poisoning.. And let's just say, C.C.R. has experienced this first hand.. Not a fun thing at all..  No I will not be posting a photo of that experice!  Would not be as pretty a photo as these are on Mum'n the Oven has .. (hehum.. ) O.k. so moving on :)
Here is another example of this ladys magificant creativeness for recyclinging: 
An other example form Mum'n in the Oven is from this photo:

Pretty crafty and creative I have to say, this is such a frugal Idea! Updateding your child from being an infant into a toddler.. Giving them the opertunity to feel good about getting older and still have the security of their youth.  I am sure over time this idea would change into several options like reading area or homework times..  The possiblities are endless.
It's a great Recyle project and also benifits the childs Moral..

Mum'n in the Oven  (Reply in her own words)

A-Mum-n-the-Oven (copywrite)


"With a background in Advertising & amp; Communications Media, people often ask me “Why pursue a career in cleaning & cooking?” Well, I always knew after giving birth to my second child, that I wanted to stay at home and spend as much quality time as I could with my daughter and son. The only thing is--I had to find that special activity to keep both my kids and myself occupied, while at the same time still bringing in the dough (no pun intended!) I had to ask myself--what did I enjoy, what INSPIRED me? Well, I became a mother at a relatively young age, leaving full responsibility for a home and a child in my hands. As many parents are aware, money becomes very tight when a baby is on board. My creativity had to shine through as I brainstormed ways to maintain a household on a budget. As time progressed, so did the notes in my head. I often began to share ideas with the ones around me, and people started coming to me with their own questions. Thus, “A Mum n the Oven” was born. It originated in February 2012 as a small blog and website targeted at young women and mothers who have an interest in cooking and organization, and a passion for their children. With mothers being so busy these days, what A Mum ‘n the Oven aimed at was to provide a place full of deals, tips and recipes to simplify a woman’s lifestyle as a whole, and let individuals become more efficient in the kitchen. I have created a community where women can benefit through seeking advice, sharing ideas and learning different tips from us ‘pros.’ Now, just over three months later, we have reached almost 3,000 fans on Facebook! The response has been overwhelming to say the least. A Mum ‘n the Oven’s website is currently down while we make some major changes, but will be re-published shortly!
Moreover, A Mum ‘n the Oven  has a "Product Review Club":

When asking Shelly Prince for mor information her replys is;
"This is were a bundle program in which a number of companies offering  products to an existing package with 5-7 others. A select number of fans have signed up to be a part of the exciting opportunity to purchase and review these products. What that means is, depending on the number of bundles available at that time (either Mom or Kid themed), You will then be notified only a certain slected members, based on their demographic, of the bundles available and what exact products they contain. From there, members pay a small charge for shipping and handling costs. When signing up to the program, they have signed a 'contract' promising that within 14 days of receiving the products, they will write a review for each one. With the website is currently down, it will be re-launched again shortly with a review section for members to post. This will create a database of product reviews for everyone to benefit from, and a source for people to come to when shopping for a certain product type. Our first bundles sold out within the first hour! We have many exciting companies and products lined up for our next round of bundles and cannot wait to share with our fans!" (so if you are interested in particpating please pm her I am sure she will be happy to answer any questions you may have on her "Review Club")

I hope you will follow Mom'n the Oven on her journey as she continues to share and teach these awesume tricks of the trade. So do stop by her fanpage on FB.  I just know, it will  benfit anyone who is out to be frugal, save our enviorment and keep you motivated to show all you the Mommies out there just how EASY it can be to maintain a household without breaking the bank!
Shelley Prince

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